Festive Edition, Costa Rica Espresso

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  • Origin: Hacienda Sonora, Grecia, Costa Rica
  • Altitude: 1200 - 1300
  • Varietal: Marsellesa
  • Process: Natural
  • Tasting Notes: Plum Jam, Molasses & Toffee

The perfect Christmas coffee, with jammy plum and sweet toffee notes.

Hacienda Sonora sits in the Central Valley, at the foot of the Poas Volcano. The farm operates on 100% renewable energy generated by a hydroelectric generator that transform rushing rivers into energy. The energy fuels the wet and dry mills and provides free electricity for everyone living and working on the farm. Hacienda Sonora has shared their success generously, paying fair wages to all workers and bolstering the local community economy. All coffees at Hacienda Sonora are either honey or natural processed to reduce wastewater and further protect the environment.