Egata Beshu, Ethiopia

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391 farmers contribute to this lot, processed at the station in Bona Zuria, in the Sidama Zone of southern Ethiopia. The average farm here is 2-3ha, growing high in the Sidama hills on red loamy clay. Heirloom varietals are interplanted with other crops such as maize, sugar cane, fruit and spice trees, and enset - 'false banana', an important staple food source locally. This interplanting helps shade the growing coffee plants, as well as encouraging biodiversity.

Once the cherries have been delivered to the washing station, they are floated to remove dirt and any unripe cherries. They then go through a de-pulping and sorting machine before being transferred into fermentation tanks for up to 72 hours to remove the mucilage. The coffee is then washed by hand before being spread on African (raised) beds to dry. It is rotated regularly to ensure it dries evenly, before being bagged for sale.