We love coffee: roasting it, making it, and serving it to you!

As part of the growing London speciality coffee scene since 2013, Press Coffee & Co has been dedicated to offering high quality coffees, ethically sourced and sustainably processed. We are always investing in specialized equipment and the best technology to guarantee a high standard of coffee in your cup.

To give you an idea:

  • In the past 3 years alone, we have saved 750,000 coffee bags from going to landfill, by using our reusable coffee drums for our wholesale partners.
  • We deliver the majority of our wholesale customers coffee, and all coffee to our cafes, by hand in our zero emission vehicle.
  • Our coffee packaging is now fully recyclable, and our café packaging is fully compostable.
  • We are a certified London Living wage employee with all new and existing staff benefiting from the rate.
  • And it doesn't stop there, we are always working to improve our sustainability.

Currently, in addition to offering a one stop shop to wholesale customers, we are  also proud to offer some more bespoke services:

  • White label - own/co Branding - Have a bespoke blend just for you sourced and roasted by us.
  • Contract Roasting - We roast your coffee to extract maximum quality, using technology that allows us to accurately replicate roast profiles, guaranteeing you the same quality roast after roast.
  • Slot Roasting - You roast your coffee using all our technology, equipment and workspace. You can choose how you want to roast and develop your own signature roasting style.

If you are interested in being a partner, let's chat over coffee!

Press Coffee Roastery

A little bit about how it happened

Press Coffee & Co was founded in 2013 with the launch of The Fleet Street Press. Housed in what was once a tobacconist, the renovation uncovered secret rooms and locked safes, all of which are on show today, as well as featuring a curved glass frontage, and a listed wooded staircase. We pull shots of our signature Press Blend for milk drinks on a La Marzocco Linea PB, and also offer a refined single origin espresso for non milk drinks. Along with this we brew single origin filter on a batch brew and offer great teas, hot chocolates and tasty treats.

We followed Fleet Street with another 2 City sites, our Chancery Lane espresso bar caters to the multitude of legal practices, and the law courts that this part of the City hosts.

We have operated pop-ups within Market Halls, in Victoria, Fulham, and Oxford Street, as the sole coffee providers alongside the pick of the bunch of London’s independent restaurant scene.

In September 2019, having honed our skills over 4 years of slot roasting, we took the plunge and set about establishing our own roastery, enabling us to take total control over the quality of the coffee we serve. 

Since then, we’ve pushed our drive for sustainability by encouraging our roasting and wholesale partners to use our reusable metal drums, which are airtight, and perfect for storing coffee - not least because they eliminate the need to dispose of packaging. This way we’ve saved over 750,000 bags going to landfill, all whilst delivering in our zero emission electric van.

Whilst the use of drums isn’t always possible, given the constraints of retail space in many premises, we’re pleased to say that as of 2021, all our bags are carbon neutral and L7 recyclable, including the zip tie and valve - no mean feat!

We remain a family owned business; husband and wife Andy and Nelly oversee the business, and are supported by Lewis heading up the Roastery aided by Jack and Rodrigo and the store management teams heading up the city cafes.

Press Coffee