Press Coffee & Co was founded in 2013 with the launch of The Fleet Street Press. Housed in what was once a tobacconist, the renovation uncovered secret rooms and locked safes, all of which are on show today, as well as featuring a curved glass frontage, and a listed wooded staircase. We pull shots of our signature Press Blend on a La Marzocco Linea PB, and brew single origin filter on a Marco batch brewer.

We followed Fleet Street with another City site, our Chancery Lane espresso bar caters to the multitude of legal practices, and the law courts that this part of the City hosts. All our coffee is pulled on a La Marzocco Linea PB, and we brew on a Marco batch brewer.

The opening of our Chancery lane site lead to an exciting collaboration with our friends and neighbours Framestore. Known for creating incredible visual effects on big name films and TV shows, they were keen to replicate the independent speciality coffee shop vibe at their on-site cafe, so we worked with them to bring a bit of the Press feeling to their studio.

We operate pop-ups within Market Halls, in Victoria, Fulham, and Oxford Street, as the sole coffee providers alongside the pick of the bunch of London’s independent restaurant scene.

In September 2019, having honed our skills over 4 years of slot roasting, we took the plunge and set about establishing our own roastery, enabling us to take total control over the quality of the coffee we serve. Simone, our Head of Coffee, successfully completed his Arabica Q Grade in February 2020, and is the linchpin of our operation, overseeing coffee sourcing, roasting, and quality control.

Since then, we’ve pushed our drive for sustainability by encouraging our roasting partners and wholesale customers to use our reusable metal drums, which are airtight, and perfect for storing coffee - not least because they eliminate the need to dispose of packaging. This way we’ve saved over 400,000 bags going to landfill, all whilst delivering in our zero emission electric van.

Whilst the use of drums isn’t always possible, given the constraints of retail space in many premises, we’re pleased to say that as of 2021, all our bags are fully recyclable, including the zip tie and valve - no mean feat!

We remain a family owned business; husband and wife Andy and Nelly run operations and are supported by Simone heading up the roastery, and Lewis looking after wholesale and marketing.