We believe that the quality of the coffee in your cup is linked inextricably to the strength of bond between grower and roaster. This is why, wherever possible, we source our coffee directly from farmers, travelling to origin whenever we can. When this isn’t feasible, we work with trusted exporters and co-operatives, whose work on the ground puts them in a key position to understand the needs of the farmers, and the social and environmental issues of the region in which they are based.

We’re proud to work with many of the same farmers year after year. We wholeheartedly believe that fostering relationships with growers, and developing open communication, leads to improved quality on the farm, and therefore in the cup.

Whilst we have our established relationships, we’re always looking to expand our network, and are constantly on the look out for those producing outstanding coffee, and have begun our exploration of some of the less represented origins in speciality coffee, notably Myanmar and Indonesia.

As coffee is a seasonal crop, our selection rotates throughout the year as we strive to bring you the freshest coffees available. This is often simultaneously the most exciting and frustrating element of coffee -  just as we feel we’re getting to grips with a coffee, or perhaps have found a new favourite, the season ends, and we have to move on.

The search for better coffee is ceaseless, and is a trip that we savour!