100% control of your own coffee.

With our Slot Roasting Program you roast your own green coffee using all our technology, equipment and workspace. You can choose how you want to roast and develop your own signature roasting style.

Roasting your own coffee is much more cost effective than buying coffee that has already been roasted, and you have full control over the entire sourcing, roasting and packaging process. And if you don't have your own coffee yet, don't worry, we can help you source it!

More than all that, for you to have the best results, you will also have access to our experienced team, who will do the entire introduction and show you how to use each equipment. However we do recommend knowing some roasting basics to help start your journey.

Contact us now to talk to an expert or schedule a visit to our roasting site.

Slot Roasting With High Technology, Modern Equipment and Complete Workspace

In our Slot Roasting Program, you will have exclusive access to the same equipment, technology and structure that we use to roast for ourselves and other various coffee shops that we supply.

You will roast on a 15kg Giesen W15a with an external cyclone, allowing you to roast up to 60kg/hour.

The Giesen is equipped with Cropster, the state of the art roasting software that allows you to easily replicate your roasting profiles, giving you consistency roast after roast.

You can also use our dedicated packing area with a belt sealer, precision scales, packing scoops, and a label printer with Adobe Illustrator, allowing you to create and print custom labels for your brand.

And you will also have access to our quality control lab where you can sample roast, and check quality and consistency.

Equipment available in our quality control lab for the Slot Roasting Program:

  • IKAWA Pro V3 sample roaster
  • La Marzocco GS3 MP
  • Victoria Arduino Mythos One espresso grinder
  • Mahlkönig EK43 and Tanzania grinders
  • Marco Batch Brewer
  • Moccamaster Brewer
  • Range of manual filter brewing equipment
  • Reverse osmosis water
  • TDS Meter
  • Cupping equipment

Easy to Roast, Easy to Reach

We are strategically based in Herne Hill, in an industrial space with parking spaces available. Just 10 minutes walk from Brixton Underground or 5 minutes walk from Herne Hill train station.

Contact us now to schedule a visit to our roasting site or to talk to a team expert.

Slot Roasting Cost

Slot roasting can be up to 60% cheaper than our Contract Roasting service, where we roast your coffee for you.

That's because we believe that everyone can roast their own coffee with quality and safety, giving even more value to your brand.

Send an email to wholesale@presscoffee.london for more details.