Whether you’re just beginning your speciality coffee journey, or have many years experience, we offer wholesale coffee beans, tailored packages, professional barista training, technical support, and friendly advice!

We can work together to find the perfect coffee for you and your customers, and help you make an informed decision on espresso machines and grinders.

With over 10 years experience of running central London cafes, we believe we’re well placed to help with anything you need to get set up, or to improve your current offering.

We also offer a wide range of Artisan teas and single origin hot chocolates.

High Quality Single Origin Wholesale Coffee

We source and roast a curated list of specialty coffee from all around the world.

We believe that the quality of the coffees served is one of the main differentiators of any coffee-based business, which is why our experienced Q Grader is continually dedicated to finding the best quality beans.

With our wholesale coffees in your business, we do the hard work so you can always be assured to have the best high quality coffee beans that your customers will love and come back for again and again.

Freshly Roasted Coffee With Quality Control

Fresh coffee is a guarantee that the coffee will always have a lot of flavor and aroma, that's why we roast coffee every day and deliver to your door weekly, always fresh.

Not just fresh, you'll always receive our wholesale coffees with a consistent roast profile and quality, roast after roast.

That's because we use the latest advanced technologies and equipment that allow us to keep your coffees always delicious, and lastly, our expert team conduct quality control tests of each batch, because freshness and quality matter to us.

Sustainable and Ethically Sourced

Just in the past 3 years alone, we have saved an extra 700,000 coffee bags from going to landfill, by using our coffee drums. Also our coffee packaging is fully recyclable and fully compostable.

We’re happy to say we’re obtaining our Organic Certification all whilst continuing our strong and fully traceable relationships with our suppliers at origin.

All our coffee is sourced directly from farmers, travelling to origin whenever we can. When this isn’t feasible, we work with trusted exporters and co-operatives, whose work on the ground puts them in a key position to understand the needs of the farmers, and the social and environmental issues of the region in which they are based.

20 Years of Coffee Experience

The best coffee experience makes all the difference. And you will have access to over 20 years of experience running successful coffee shops in central London to access you.

Our team is made up of several experienced professionals, focused on maintaining high quality standards in all processes.

But this is just the beginning of your journey as our wholesale coffee partner, see what else you will get:

As a wholesale coffee partner, you will have access to several exclusive advantages and benefits that make all the difference in the day to day of your operation.

Free In-depth Barista Training

More than just having amazing coffee beans, you and your team will make delicious coffees with our free in-depth barista training and refresher sessions every 6 months

Free Technical Support

It's inevitable that things sometimes can go wrong. The good news is that we are here to solve it with our free technical support. Whether that's a quick phone visit, a visit or a referral to one our trusted engineer partners.

Free Friendly Advice

We are always on hand to help you get the best results with exclusive tips and suggestions from us who have been running central London coffee shops for over 20 years.

Equipment Sourcing

We are partners with companies that supply industry leading equipment in the coffee segment such as La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, Mahlkönig, Nuova Simonelli.

White Label

High quality coffee with its own brand. You can increase your revenue and strengthen your brand with personalized coffee packages with your brand.

Zero Emission Delivery

We really care about gas emissions and climate change, so we try to offset our roastery gas usage, and deliver the majority of our wholesale customers coffee in reusable containers via electric vehicle.

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